General Disclaimer

Any individual (the "user"), who opens an account with LetsDoCoinz understands and accepts that crypto assets do not necessarily have a specific form of protection or regulation by any governmental body. The value of these crypto assets is highly volatile and speculative, extending the possibility of total loss.

As far as The Platform Technology acts solely as an intermediary bringing together buyers and sellers nothing on the LetsDoCoinz can be ensured to contain no errors, mistakes, mispresentations or failures etc. Such errors, mistakes, mispresentations or failures etc. can be without limitation the result of human agency, program or process imperfections. THEREFORE, NEITHER LetsDoCoinz NOR, WHERE APPLICABLE, ANY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OR OUTSOURCED ADVISORS MAKES ANY REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO THE INFORMATION AND, IN PARTICULAR, AS TO THE ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF THE INFORMATION AND/OR PROCESS. Moreover, LetsDoCoinz is not responsible for any loss of money, assets, securities and other types of property happened because of using any information from the LetsDoCoinz or trading on LetsDoCoinz.

No kind of trade agreement or contract is created between LetsDoCoinz and the users of the LetsDoCoinz. The LetsDoCoinz and its users act independently and do not create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or secondment relationship between them. BY CONTINUOUS USE OF THE LetsDoCoinz YOU FULLY INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE LetsDoCoinz, IT’S OWNERS, OFFICERS AND RESPECTIVE DIRECTORS, AGAINST ALL AND ANY CLAIMS, ACTIONS, DEMANDS, COSTS AND EXPENSES, WHICH MAY ARISE IN RELATION TO AND/OR AS A RESULT OF YOUR USE OF THE LetsDoCoinz. Service Restriction You shall not use our Services and immediately cease using those if you are a resident or become a resident at any time of the state or region, where LetsDoCoinz is not authorized to act of our Terms of Service.

As part of our terms, user account that have no trade within 30 days will be seen as dormant, therefore we reserve the only right to delete such accounts and any accounts whose owners are found involving in any acts that are against the credibility of our exchange

Crypto coins and tokens Policy

LetsDoCoinz accepts deposits and provides withdrawals in any of the following on Account page.
However, LetsDoCoinz reserves the right to reject any deposits and suspend withdrawals which its compliance and risk management service provider has decided to be the result of detecting of suspicious activity such as criminal activity or any other infringement of its compliance guidelines.

In relation to deposits, we have a fixed minimum amount a user must deposit. Any deposit less than the minimum amount will be lost. Every user must deposit more than the minimum he/she will see on the exchange before sending the coins/tokens

Some of the deposits to LetsDoCoinz exchange require the user to add the DATA FIELD number in his account on the deposit page/payment ID, when you make a deposit you have to add a valid DATA field number or PAYMENT ID , If make a deposit without adding the number in this field to your transaction from your wallet, your deposit will be lost forever because it'll be untraceable.

To withdraw tokens based on other networks example ERC-20 tokens etc, the withdrawal fee must paid with main network currency. That's to withdrawal ERC-20 tokens, users must pay withdrawal fee in Ethereum. This is subject to change, depending on the type of token and it's daily trading volume.

We detest the idea of one user having more than 1 account. Every individual must have only one account. Any user caught to be having more than one account will be automatically blocked on both even if both accounts have funds in them

As part of our terms and to make the exchange better to serve our active users, we will be deleting inactive accounts. Our definition for inactive is that; any trader who doesn't log into his/her account after two months of the last login date will be considered "inactive." By so doing, we will delete all these accounts exactly after two months of last login date. One main reason why we have to put this into use is that, this is a community exchange, the storage is expensive and we don't want to hold inactive trader data because of security reasons.

LetsDoCoinz Exchange reserves the sole right to interpret it's term of use and to review by taking or adding more terms. It's the duty of every user to stay updated on our terms of use.