Trading Instructions


Below are a few steps on how to start trading on LetsDoCoinz Exchange (https://LetsDoCoinz.Com)
First of all you need to have some funds(cryptocurrency) in your account. If you do not have funds already, follow this instruction

-Click the triple bar icon on the top right corner of the exchange to open the side bar menu
-Click on Exchange, in the side bar menu. This will take you to "Our Pairs." This list contains the trading pairs on our exchange
-Look through the trading pairs and select which of them you want to use or trade.
-Click on the pair of your choice to open the trading page.
-On the trading page, you'll see Buy (coin name) and Sell (coin name).
Below Buy and Sell, you will see "Market" and "Limit."
When you use Market, it means you're either Buying from or Selling to an already placed order.
So to buy/sell a coin; you must use "Market,"
enter the amount you want and Click Buy/Sell Market.
After a successful trade, you'll see a notification that says "Ok," you'll immediately see the coins in your account

Limit is used for creating orders, either buy or sell orders.
To place an order, Click Limit, Enter the amount/quantity of coins you want to place in the order list,
Enter your Bidding or Asking price in the next section just below the amount or quantity of coins.
Click Buy/Sell Limit depending on what you're doing.
After a successful operation, the order you placed will be added to the list.
To find this order or any other orders on that trading pair by you,
scroll down and click "Active orders," On this page you can also cancel orders you placed that are still active.