Deposit Instructions


The steps below to deposit into your account
- Log into your account
- On the main page, Click on "ACCOUNT"; this will take you to a section where your balance can be found. Among the balances are coins listed on the exchange.
- Click on the type of coin you want to deposit and trade with. A section will appear below where you will see a deposit address or click to see deposit address
- Copy and paste this address in your personal Wallet where you'll be sending the coins.
NOTE: "Some" of the deposits on our exchange require users to attach User ID or Data Field number. This number is unique for every account and is located below the deposit address on the exchange.
Remember to copy this data field number and add it to the transactions that require it.
In your personal wallet, on the page where you send coins, some wallets have a portion either labelled as payment ID, Destination Tag or DATA FIELD, this is where you must copy and paste the Data field number.
You can then send your coins to the exchange deposit address.
-Immediately your deposit is successful and reflects in your account. You can start trading.

How to deposit ERC-20 tokens without data field. Instructions;

On the account page, click on the token you want to deposit. Click on "Click to see address."
After seeing the address, copy and make deposit to it.
When you see the deposit approved in the block explorer, check back in your account on the deposit page of the same coin and click "Check my deposit."
After clicking, wait up to 1 hour and if the coins not credited to your balance send an email to support.